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ULK group agrees revolving line of credit of 9bn RUB

17.04.2018 − 

Northern Russian ULK group agreed a new revolving credit line of 9bn RUB (roughly equivalent to 135m €) with Alfa-Bank on 6 March; the credit facility has a term of seven years. The funds are being used partly to finance the new 5.8bn sawmill in Beresnik commissioned in December and partly to refinance an existing line of credit.

The second of the two log sorting lines supplied by Hekotek was put into operation at the new works recently. Two lines are up and running now, each with 36 bays. 4 m logs with diameters of 6 cm and more are sorted on the new sorting line at speeds of up to 180 m/min. This covers the log requirement of the new sawmill, geared to an annual cutting capacity of 900,000 m³.

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