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TTF anticipating tougher procurement problems

18.06.2021 − 

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) is expecting it to become even more difficult to procure construction timber in the third quarter. The TTF’s prediction is based on a report published by the industry organisation Swedish Wood on 10 May which states that Swedish sawmills’ stocks of sawnwood are currently at their lowest-ever level. In spite of the high cutting activity, in the past winter months, the works were unable to build up stocks to the extent they usually would at this time of year.

Instead, the brisk demand on the relevant sales markets led to a continuous outflow of available sawnwood. Whereas stocks used to be able to assure deliveries to customers during the summer months, this is not going to be possible this year. The supply situation is more likely to deteriorate further still in the weeks ahead as sawmills in Scandinavia and continental Europa will be using the company holidays scheduled for two to three weeks in July/August for maintenance work. As such, the fears that the TTF had already expressed at the start of the year that the bottlenecks in the third quarter could be worse than in the preceding months appear to have come true.

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