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Tense situation on markets for pine lumber

18.12.2015 − 

According to the latest “Skog&Ekonomi” industry report by Danske Bank, stocks of pine lumber in Sweden are expected to rise in the winter half-year to their highest level since 2008/2009. During the second half-year, it became increasingly difficult for shippers to find sales markets for their pine lumber products. This has not only caused the pressure from volumes to rise since the summer months but the pressure on prices as well.

The persisting difficult conditions on the Egyptian market are believed to be the main reason for the development. Besides the problems that importers there for a number of months now, an increase in Russian deliveries to what was last over 180,000 m³ per month has played a part in Swedish shippers’ loss of shares this market. In the first nine months of this year, deliveries from Sweden were already 12% lower than in the reference period of last year and, from what Swedish shippers say, the volumes in the contracts agreed for the fourth quarter have also remained well short of those of a year ago.

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