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Swedish sawmilling industry to increase its production capacity by some 2.4m m³ by 2012

19.08.2011 − 

After several years of rather restrained investment activity, there has been accelerated growth in the existing cutting capacity in the Swedish sawmilling industry since the middle of 2010. Even if only the new and expansion investment projects known about so far are realised in full, the Swedish sawmilling industry's production capacity could show annual growth of approximately 2.9m m³ of softwood lumber by the end of 2012. In addition to this, so far there have only been few decisions to permanently close down sawmills in Sweden. As things stand at present, three major sawmills with an annual output of roughly 550,000m³ of softwood lumber are scheduled for closure in 2011/2012. Taking into account the planned new and expansion investment projects and closures leaves a balance of growth to the tune of 2.4m m³ per year in production capacity in Sweden's sawmilling industry. On the basis of a Swedish softwood lumber output of 16.9m m³ in 2010, this equates to an increase of over 12% within the space of only two years.

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