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Swedish sawmilling industry planning greater investment

11.04.2018 − 

As of February, investment expenditure of 1.825bn SEK is anticipated within the Swedish sawmilling and planing industry this year, roughly 6 % more than at the same time last year. According to Statistics Sweden, roughly 344m SEK of this is accounted for by construction measures and a total of 1.481bn SEK by plant and machinery. This is evidently going to perpetuate the Swedish sawmilling and planing industry’s investment propensity that has been noticeable since 2014.

The investment forecast published by Statistics Sweden for the Swedish pulp and paper industry for February totals 10.683bn SEK, 2.003bn SEK is earmarked for construction measures and 8.680bn SEK for plant and machinery. This represents a marked reduction of around 27.3 % against the figure of roughly 14.693bn SEK established for the same time last year.

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