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Swedish output to fall by around 450.000 m³

16.12.2016 − 

Owing to closures and production cuts, Sweden’s softwood lumber output is expected to fall by an estimated 450,000 m³ per year in 2016/2017. According to the latest industry report “Skog&Ekonomi” by Danske Bank, the closures of the Ramkvilla, Torsås, and Djursdala sawmills announced by Södra and the removal of a shift at the Monsterås works alone will account for 325,000 m³ per year. At Rörvik Timber, too, the out-put is to decrease by some 190,000 m³ per year due to the sale of production facilities and cuts in the volume produced by the Boxholm works. The closure of the Sikås sawmill of Norra Timber will entail the loss of another 100,000 m³ per year. Sweden Timber Malmbäck has also announced its intention to reduce the output of softwood lumber by the sawmill taken over from Bodafors Trä on 13 June by roughly 70,000 m³ per year; the works has a total cutting capacity of approximately 350,000 m³ per year.

The various closures and production cuts coincide with resumed production at several idled works as well as numerous measures taken at sawmilling facilities that are so far going to result in increased output to the tune of around 300,000 m³.

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