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Swedish exports at level of a year earlier in May

01.09.2017 − 

In May, Swedish softwood-timber and planed-product exporters were able to compensate for marked reductions in exports to Africa by means of increases in volumes delivered to Asia in particular. Last year’s volume was slightly exceeded at a total of 1.238m m³.

Whilst exports to Africa fell by roughly a third to 169,100 m³, deliveries to customers in Asia were 43% higher than a year earlier at 209,500 m³. After a slow start to the year, exports to the Middle East also picked up again and rose by 10% in May to 51,900 m³. Exports to the USA, on the other hand, were surprisingly slow. After substantial growth in the preceding months, the volume exported in the period under review remained 28% short of the figure for May 2016 at 25,300 m³.

Scarcely any change occurred in exports to buyers within Europe, totalling 776,300 m³ and amounting to an increase of roughly 1%. Europe’s share of Sweden’s total exports thus rose by almost two percentage points to 62.7% compared to the preceding month.

As such, Sweden exported a total of 5.562m m³ of softwood timber and planed products during the course of the first five months, 3% less than in the same period of last year. Increases in exports to Asia (+19%) and the USA (+29%) coincided with reduction in deliveries to Europe (-1%), Africa (-26%), and the Middle East (-8%).

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