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Sweden’s lumber exports raised by 17.5% in March

05.06.2015 − 

After two months of lower exports than last year, Sweden raised its softwood lumber and planed product exports in March by 17.5% to around 1.22m m³. Here, exports to buyers in Europe were around 11% higher than the figure for March 2014 at a total of 754,600 m³. Disproportionate rates of growth were achieved in exports to Africa, rising roughly 59% above the figure for last year to 229,300 m³. The foreign trade statistics published by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation show that the growth in exports to Asia was also higher than average at 26% to 213,600 m³.The growth in March compensated for the reductions in exports in January and February. At 3.15m m³, Sweden ultimately exported 4.7% more softwood lumber and planed products in the first quarter of 2015 than it did in the same period of last year.

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