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Sweden: exports of softwood lumber increase by 17%

19.06.2020 − 

Swedish producers of softwood and planed lumber were able to increase exports in all relevant sales regions during the first quarter. With a total of 3.767m m³, the volume of sawnwood and planed lumber exported in the first three months surpassed the preceding year’s figure by 17%. Although the growth rate already achieved in the first two months continued until the end of the quarter, by March the effects of the corona crisis were already being felt in some export countries. The figures of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (Skogsindustrierna) record an increase of 9% to 2.113m m³ within Europe. Exports to customers outside Europe totalled 1.657m m³, corresponding to an increase of some 30% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year.

Although exports to customers in Africa during March could no longer quite match the increases from January/February, there is nevertheless an increase of 15% to 689,500m³ for the quarter. Exports to Asia also did not develop quite as strongly towards the end of the quarter, but at 588,100m³ an increase of 29% still remained.

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