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Sveaskog’s log deliveries remained almost stable

04.05.2018 − 

At around 2.894m m³, Swedish Sveaskog sold 1.7 % fewer logs in the first quarter than at the time last year. A reduction of 12 % in the volume of logs felled in the company’s own forests to 1.5m m³ was almost compensated for by an increase in external purchases. In terms of assortments, deliveries of sawlogs fell by 3.4 % to 1.260m m³.

The volume of logs felled in the twelve-month period of March 2017 to the end of April 2018 amounted to 4.650m m³, after 4.706m m³ in the reference period a year earlier. Sveaskog’s deliveries of industrial wood and woodchips rose by 2.3 % to 1.441m m³. The delivery volume of fuelwood was 193,000 m³.

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