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Sveaskog: lower roundwood prices burden results

14.08.2020 − 

Over the course of the second quarter Swedish Sveaskog, at 2.7m m³, was able to sell approximately 2 % more roundwood. Of this volume, 1.148m m³ consisted of sawlogs (-5.4%), c. 1.395m m³ of industrial roundwood and sawmilling residues (+13.2%) and 124,000m³ of fuelwood (-1.6%). The group attributes the lower volume of sawlog deliveries to production cutbacks in the sawmill industry, which had already been announced in spring and were still being implemented at the beginning of the second quarter. In response to the generally positive development of sales on the lumber markets, however, production very soon reverted to normal volumes during the second quarter. Due to the positive outlook on the lumber markets, a considerable increase in demand for sawlogs is expected from the sawmill industry for the third quarter.

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