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Skogsstyrelsen anticipating felled volume of 94m m³

24.10.2019 − 

The Swedish Forest Agency (Skogsstyrelsen) is expecting the volume of timber felled in Sweden in 2019 to rise by 0.6 % against last year to 94m m³. Although this rate of growth is comparatively low, it would still result in the highest figure since 2007 in combination with the growth of the last few years.

According to Skogsstyrelsen analyst Katarina Ekberg, the latest forecast is based on a forest area registered by the beginning of October by forest owners for harvesting that is currently 6 % larger than at the same time last year. Owing to brisk production activity in the sawmilling and pulp and paper industries so far this year, the demand for roundwood is higher as well. Imports of industrial wood, which were higher than last year up to the middle of this year, are more likely to lead to a reduction in the felled volume. Ekberg says the greater damage by bark beetles particularly in southern Sweden this year makes a forecast considerably more difficult. Current estimates by the Swedish forest group Sveaskog AB of Solna are working from the assumption of a nationwide incidence of beetle-damaged wood of roughly 7-8m m³.

According to the latest estimates, approximately 5m m³ of beetle-damaged wood is expected for the Götaland region, roughly twice as much as last year.

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