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Significant rise in Russian exports to Europe

27.09.2021 − 

In the second quarter Russian softwood lumber exports to relevant European purchasing countries increased at an above-average rate compared to the same period last year. According to the Russian customs authority, deliveries to Estonia rose by 62% to 272,762 m³. Double-digit increases were also recorded in exports to Germany (+32% to 230,653 m³), Finland (+12% to 181,337 m³), Great Britain (+64% to 149,351 m³) and the Netherlands (+43% to 123,799 m³). The volume of softwood lumber exported to the eleven most important purchasing countries in Europe amounted to 1.396m m³, representing a 53% rise. Exports to the six central Asian republics increased by one-third to 1.457m m³. Deliveries to China declined in contrast - by 11% to 4.668m m³. As a proportion of total exports, this represents a decrease of twelve percentage points to 56%.

Between April and June a total of 8.935m m³ (8.281m m³) softwood lumber was exported, at a value of US$1.643bn. Whilst the export volume was up 8%, the export value rose by 50%. This increase, however, could only partially compensate the decline (-13%) recorded in the first quarter. Accumulated over the first six months, the export volume - at 14.911m m³ - was 2% short of the preceding year’s figure. The export value rose by 30% to US$2.607bn. Of the total export volume, 7.891m m³ was sold to customers in China, representing a 12% decline. Deliveries to Japan also decreased (-19% to 415,620 m³). Concerning exports to the central Asian republics a 3% increase to 2.368m m³ (2.436m m³) was recorded. At 2.395m m³, exports to the most important European importing countries rose by 38%.

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