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Sharp rise registered in USA’s exports of red oak

24.11.2017 − 

US log exports in the first three quarters of this year were roughly on par with those of last year at 1.563m m³. A marked change occurred in the distribution of wood species, however. Exports of red oak were stepped up by 64% to 451,981 m³ and thereby accounted for approximately 29% of the USA’s total log exports. Exports of maple, however, still the most species of wood in the reference period of last year, fell by another 12% to 292,741 m³ and their share of the total exports decreased accordingly to 19%. Exports of birch also took a downturn (-19% to 111,927 m³) whereas those of ash (+10% to 191,013 m³), white oak (+20% to 159,869 m³), and walnut (+28% to 134,139 m³) all increased.

The most important recipient of US hardwood logs was China, which, according to the statistics, boosted its imports by 19% to 867,838 m³. All of the other significant regions from the point of view of US hardwood log exports took delivery of fewer hardwood logs than in the same period of last year. As such, deliveries to North America decreased 16% to 468,050 m³. At 76,286 m³, 16% less than last year was delivered to the EU as well. Exports to Southeast Asia were reduced by 17% to 72,613 m³.

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