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SCA Forest Products achieves 14.8% return on sales

07.03.2016 − 

Leaving restructuring costs aside, lower sales revenue and higher production costs due to downtime for maintenance and conversion work led to a reduction of roughly 11% to SEK612m in the operating result posted by the Forest Products division of Swedish SCA in the fourth quarter of 2015. Losses incurred due to default on debts from trade receivables connected with business on the Egyptian market further impaired the result at -SEK40m. Sales revenue generated in the period under review was raised 2% above the previous year’s figure to SEK4.133bn. Although the return on sales fell correspondingly by two percentage points to 14.8%, it remained above the reference figures for the “Personal Care” and “Tissue” divisions at 11.6% and 12.9% respectively.

Developments in delivery figures varied from one product segment to another within the Forest Products division in the period under review. Whereas “Newsprint” and “Solid wood products” achieved growth of 7% and 8% respectively to 218,000 t and 548,000 m³, the figures in the “Kraftliner” and “Pulp” segments each fell by 2% to 196,000 t and 122,000 t respectively.

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