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Sales of EPLF members have dropped significantly

15.01.2019 − 

Last year, the laminate flooring manufacturers associated in the EPLF sold 455.2m m² worldwide from their European plants. Compared to the 477.0m m² delivered in the previous year, this corresponds to a minus of 4.6 %. This is the sharpest decline since 2008, when EPLF sales were 8.9% down on the previous year. The years 2009 (-4.1 %), 2011 (-3.9 %), 2012 (-1.7 %) and 2015 (-3.2 %) also saw a decline. In 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016, however, EPLF members were able to increase their sales. In 2017, sales remained roughly at the previous year's level.

By region, the downward trend observed in Western Europe for some time continued. At 225m m², the previous year's figure of 243m m² was missed by 7.4 %. In Germany 52m m² were sold, in France 36m m² and in Great Britain 30m m². In Eastern Europe, laminate floor sales recorded in the EPLF statistics were at the previous year's level of 128m m². The largest sales markets were Russia with 39m m², Poland with 29m m² and Romania with 11m m². Deliveries to North America fell by 9.6 %. The US market remained almost stable for EPLF manufacturers at 30.7m m², while sales in Canada fell by almost a quarter to 13.6m m². There was slight growth in Asia to 30m m² and Latin America to 18.5m m². 9.3m m² were delivered to other regions.

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