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Russian transports to China suspended since 31 January

13.02.2020 − 

As a quarantine measure against the coronavirus, transport by road and rail from Russia to China has been barred since 31 January. As such, all transportation of wood products to China has been halted indefinitely as well. Only trains for long-distance passenger services between Moscow and Peking remain exempt from the regulation signed by the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on 29 January.

According to the regulation, 16 customs checkpoints on the border to China remain closed until further notice. Those involved are the railway checkpoints Zabaikalsk-Mandschurei and Russian border-Suifenhe as well as the road crossings Zabaikalsk-Mandschurei, Starotsurukhaytuysky-Heishantou, Olochi-Shiwei, Blagoveshchensk-Heihe, Poyarkovo-Syunke, Amurzet-Lobei, Nishneleninskoje-Tunjiang, Chabarowsk-Fuyuan, Pokrowka-Zhaohe, Turiy Rog-Mishan, border-Suifenhe, Poltawa-Dunnin, Kraskino-Hunchun, and Makhalino-Hunchun.

Mishustin has instructed the transport ministry, the customs authorities and the FSB border protection authority to implement the measures. The Chinese government has been informed by the Russian ministry of foreign affairs that the closure of the border is a temporary measure. The visas issued to Chinese citizens for entering Russia via border control points in the Russian Far East, the Kaliningrad region, St. Petersburg, and the Leningrad region have been cancelled as well.

Following the closure of all Russian-Chinese border control points prescribed by the Russian government, the Chinese government announced that only debarked roundwood is permitted to be imported from Russia in future.

According to information from Pavel Korchagin, director of the wood industry and forest exporter association of Primorsky krai in Russia’s Far eastern Federal District (PALEX), this is equivalent to a ban on roundwood imports to China in winter. Korchagin says debarking or fumigation is not possible in winter.

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