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Russian Titan Group buying vehicles for 850m RUB

26.12.2017 − 

Northern Russian Titan Group is currently concluding its acquisition of forest machines, wood transporters, and construction vehicles. A total of 105 machines worth 850m RUB (roughly equivalent to 13 €) will be delivered to forest companies in the group by the end of 2017. The vehicles include tracked harvesters made by Volvo, fitted with 6000-type power units from Swedish Log Max, Buffalo forwarders from Finnish Ponsse, and 875-type forwarders from Swedish Komatsu Forest. The forest companies are also being supplied with log trucks from Daimler and Volvo as well as bulldozers, dump trucks, graders, and tankers.

Titan Group had already invested 1bn RUB in its forest division in 2016. The investment in forest machines and in extending the network of forest roads is connected with the greater log requirement of the fundamentally updated LDK 3 sawmill which resumed operation in August.

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