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Russian sawmill LDK 3 commences trial operation

19.05.2017 − 

At the end of April, Russian LDK 3 commenced trial operation of the newly-installed chipper-canter supplied by German Linck. Over the next few months, production at the company belonging to the northern Russian Sawmill 25 group of Archangelsk is to be raised gradually to a cutting volume of 250,000 m³ of softwood logs per year by September. Full-load operation, designed as 550,000 m³ per year, is likely to be reached at the beginning of 2018. In February, director general Dmitry Krylov had still been assuming that full operation would be reached at the end of this year.

The foundations for twelve of the drying kilns and five FB-type continuous dryers supplied by Swedish Valutec and the sorting line for kiln-dried softwood timber have been completed in the meantime, enabling their assembly to begin soon. The sorting line and the downstream stacking and packaging station are being supplied by Austrian Springer.

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