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Russian Sawmill 25 group ordered Valutec dryer for LDK 3

10.01.2019 − 

At the beginning of December 2018, the northern Russian Sawmill 25 group of Archangelsk placed an order with Swedish Valutec Group for an FB-type two-zone continuous dryer for its LDK 3 Sawmill. The dryer, geared to an annual capacity of 50,000 m³ of softwood timber, is being fitted with pressure frames and the Valmatics control system developed by Valutec. The start-up is scheduled for May/June 2019.

The new dryer supplements the five existing continuous dryers and twelve kilns that Valutec had also supplied to the facility and then put into operation at the beginning of 2018.

According to information from director general Dmitry Krylov, the drying capacity at the Tsiglomen facility is to be enlarged by 50,000 m³ of softwood timber per year as well. The group is currently conducting negotiations with plant and machinery suppliers. Ten kilns and five continuous dryers supplied by Valutec and put into service in June 2013 are currently in operation at the sawmill. Ten kilns and five continuous dryers supplied by Valutec were started up at the Maimaksa facility in 2006.

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