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Russia records 27% drop in exports of softwood logs

27.01.2020 − 

In the third quarter Russian softwood log exports decreased by 27% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to 1.958m m³. The negative development recorded in the first (-20%) and second (-14%) quarters thus further intensified. According to figures published by the Russian customs authority, deliveries to purchasers in China declined by 35% to 1.457m m³ and by ten percentage points to 74% as a proportion of total exports. Exports to Finland increased by 13% to 205,474m³.

Classified according to wood species, exports of pine roundwood at a value of US$60.0m decreased by 9% to a volume of 765,800m³. The notional value per exported cubic metre of pine roundwood thus decreased by 6% vis à vis the preceding year to an average US$78/m³. In the first (US$88/m³) and second (US$84/m³) quarters prices for pine roundwood had been higher.

Exports of spruce roundwood, at a value of US$42.9m, decreased by 43% in terms of volume to 623,757m³. Exports of other softwood logs increased by 3% to US$81/m³ (US$79/m³) in the third quarter. In the first (US$80/m³) and second quarters (US$79/m³) prices had been slightly lower.

Accumulated over the first nine months, exports of softwood logs declined by one fifth to 6.359m m³. A volume of 4.948m m³ was sold to customers in China, corresponding to a decline of 27%. Decreases were also recorded in deliveries to Japan (-9% to 107,822m³) and Germany (-6% to 62,344m³). In contrast, exports to Finland (+50% to 649,416m³) and Kazakhstan (+23% to 438,253m³) increased.

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