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Russia introduces export duties for green lumber

08.06.2021 − 

From 1 July, Russia will impose a duty rate of 10% of the export value - or at least €13/m³ - on exports of sawn softwood with a moisture content of more than 22%. Freshly cut oak lumber is also subject to a duty rate of 10% or at least €15/m³. With regard to beech and ash lumber, a duty rate of 10% or at least €50/m³ applies. So far, it has been possible to export softwood and oak lumber customs-free; for beech and ash lumber the maximum duty rate was €10/m³ and €12/m³ respectively.

The regulation, signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on 21 May, is initially valid until 31 December. On 15 May, President Vladimir Putin instructed his government to make it more difficult to export lumber with low added value. As early as 18 March, the government decided on an export ban concerning softwood logs and hardwood sawlogs, which will come into effect on 1 January 2022.

The introduction of export duties is intended as a means to reduce exports and to increase lumber supply on the Russian domestic market. With this measure, the trend of increasing lumber prices that began last year is to be reversed again.

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