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Polish state forest agency offering long-term contracts to returning buyers

21.11.2012 − 

Representatives of the Polish state forest agency Lasy Panstwowe (LP) and the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Timber have recently agreed on the introduction of roundwood contracts with a term of up to three years for returning buyers. However, no final agreement has yet been reached on how roundwood sales from state forests should be reorganised. According to the agreement now reached, timber industry companies can in the future close longer-term contracts to the tune of up to 70% of their purchasing volume in the last three years. Moreover, companies that have increased their processing capacities in the last two years by more than 5,000m³ of roundwood will be able to close long-term contracts covering 70% of the additional requirements as well. The remaining roundwood is to be sold via the „e-drewno“ internet platform, as it has been in the past. E-drewno is open to all interested buyers.

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