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Poland: 45,000 ha with 8.2m m³ of storm wood

18.08.2017 − 

After the Polish state forest administration Lasy Panstwowe of Warsaw had released initial information about the volumes of damaged wood and the affected areas just a few hours after the thunderstorms in the night of 11 to 12 August 2017, a comparatively detailed map of the main areas and volumes of damage was published on 15 August. On the basis of estimates from 15 August, the thunderstorms have given rise to more than 8m m³ of storm-damaged wood over an area of 45,000 ha. Pine accounts for a large proportion of this volume. The map produced by Lasy Panstwowe shows that the main areas of damage are in the northern sections of the Breslau forest office district, bordering in the north and following a row of four forest districts of the Posen forest office and almost the entire area of the Torun forest office and into the Danzig forest office’s region on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The highest volumes of damage are reported to have occurred in the Torun forest office’s district with over 4.04m m³ on an area of 23,400 ha. This includes the Rytel forest district with 1.6m m³ on its own. The forests of Rytel are also where the two boy scouts died that the media had reported throughout Europe in connection with the storms. Located alongside Rytel is another area of particularly intensive damage, the comparatively small forest district of Czersk with an additional 0.9m m³.

As of 15 August, the damage reported for the Danzig forest office was 2.2m m³ over a comparatively small area of roughly 8200 ha. 2m m³ of this is accounted for by the Lipusz forest district alone, located not far away from the main areas of damage in the neighbouring Torun forest office’s district.

Although only four forest districts are affected in the Posen forest office’s district, the combined volume of damaged wood nevertheless amounts to 1m m³ over an area of 4500 ha. The slightly less affected regions are those of the Szczecinek forest office accounting for 750,000 m³ and an area of 8500 ha, the Breslau forest office with 40,000 m³, and the Lódz forest office with 25,000 m³.

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