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Planed products driving export figures up in Sweden

12.02.2016 − 

After regressive export figures in October, the Swedish softwood lumber and planed product exports published by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation for November are 2.5% higher than the previous year’s level at a total of 1.066m m³. The decisive factor for this growth was an increase in planed products alone, rising more than 18% above the same month of the year before to 416,700 m³. In contrast to this, exports of rough-sawn pine and spruce lumber turned out to be lower than a year earlier at -3.6% and -8.8% respectively to 376,000 m³ and 271,500 m³.

Across the whole range of assortments, Swedish exporters managed to sell 10% more products at approximately 663,900 m³. Here, too, planed product sales rose at an above-average rate to 347,400 m³. The proportion of the total inner-European deliveries accounted for by planed products thus amounted to 52.3%. Roughly 185,600 m³ went to buyers in Africa, equating to a reduction of a little over 18%. In Asia, too, the delivery volumes remained a good 6% below the figure of the same month of the year before at 176,100 m³. In doing so, lower exports to China (-4%) coincided with considerably higher shipments to Japan (+26%). North America was the only region for which Skogsindustrierna recorded an increase of almost 80%, albeit from a low level, to 35,900 m³.

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