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Operating loss posted by Bergs Timber in Q4 2010

24.02.2020 − 

Bergs Timber slid into the red in the fourth quarter with an operating result of -22m SEK and after-tax earnings of -32m SEK. EBITDA was still positive at 3m SEK but the margin only amounted to 0.3 %. Due to lower selling prices and sales volumes, revenue for the quarter fell by 11 % to 687m SEK.

196,000 m³ of sawn softwood were produced and 189,000 m³ sold in the period under review. This brought the output for 2019 as a whole to 880,000 m³. Sales totalled 817,000 m³.

Consolidated net sales revenue for 2019 amounted to 3.206bn SEK, 2.623bn SEK of which was accounted for by sawnwood and wood products, 371m SEK by secondary products, and 138m SEK by industrial wood and roundwood. 82.7 % of the sales revenue was generated abroad.

According to information from CEO Peter Nilsson, selling prices on the sawn softwood markets continued to fall until the end of the year and thereby reached a level below the break-even point. The surplus supply of low-priced roundwood from beetlewood felling operations in many parts of central Europe has had a negative impact on the sawnwood markets.

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