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Oak nine times overbid at Lublin auction

04.01.2019 − 

At the “Lublin Autumn” fine-wood sealed-bid auction held for the ninth time by the Krasnystaw forest office as part of the Lublin forest directorate in southeast Poland on 14 November 2018, the available volume of oak, red oak, and ash was almost the same as at last year’s event at a total of 740 m³. According to Grzegorz Lenart, commercial director of the regional forest directorate, the available volume of fine oak was nine times overbid. For this reason, the supply is to be raised slightly in the coming year.

A total of 22 companies from Poland, Austria, Estonia, and the Czech Republic took part in the sealed-bid auction. Almost the entire available volume went to 14 bidders. At 245 m³, the biggest single quantity went to the Czech sawmill Štipcák. Across the whole range of wood species, prices rose by 14 % to an average of 2,675 PLN/m³ (roughly equivalent to 620 €/m³). The highest price of 4,210 PLN/m³ was paid for an oak log from the Strzelce forest office.

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