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Minor downturn recorded in SCA Wood timber sales

19.02.2018 − 

A total of 602,000 m³ of softwood timber, roughly 2% less than a year earlier and 12% less than the previous quarter, was dispatched by the “Wood” division of Swedish Svenska Cellulosa (SCA) in the fourth quarter of 2017. This slightly reduced delivery volume was able to be compensated for, however, by higher selling prices in the period under review, which led to a 5% increase in sales revenue to 1.426bn SEK.

According to corporate information, the higher prices coupled with good capacity utilisation were also the key factors responsible for the 14% increase in EBITDA adjusted for non-recurring items to 184m SEK and the growth of 19% in the adjusted operating result to 128m SEK. The EBITDA margin rose accordingly by a good percentage point to 12.9%. This perpetuated towards the end of the year the overall positive development of the three preceding quarters in which the growth rates recorded for the adjusted operating result were 6-40% higher than the respective quarter of the year before.

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