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Metsä sends first sawn timber block train to China

07.01.2019 − 

On 18 December, the Metsä Fibre Division of the Finnish Metsä Group used the land route to China for the first time to export sawn timber to China. With the block train loaded with 41 containers in Kouvula/Finland, Metsä Fibre delivers 1,800 m³ of softwood sawn timber to the northwestern Chinese city of Xi'an, the capital of the Shaaxi province. The train will run from Finland through Russia and Kazakhstan to China. The train was handled by Kouvula Cargo Handling in cooperation with KTZExpress, a subsidiary of the Kazakh railway company, as the train path operator and Unytrade as the agent of KTZExpress responsible for Scandinavia. The three companies started regular train services between Finland and China in November 2017. In the meantime, the trains run twice a week.

One year earlier, the Finnish company Versowood Oy had already handled the first block train with sawn softwood to China. The block train, which also comprised 41 containers, was then sent to Nankang/Province Jiangxi.

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