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Merger planned between Eco Log and Gremo

21.05.2020 − 

The two Swedish forest machine manufacturers Eco Log Sweden and Gremo want to merge. According to the intent of merger announced on 17 April, the construction of Gremo forest machines is to be moved to the works of Eco Log in Söderhamn in summer. Starting this summer, the forest machine sales are to be amalgamated in Söderhamn. After the relocation the existing Gremo works in Ätran is to be used as a service base in future.

The merger will broaden the scope of the product range of the two currently independent manufacturers. Forwarders will be able to be offered with payload between 7.5 t and up to 20 t in future. As regards harvesters, Gremo’s eight-wheeler will also extend Log’s product range downwards.

Sales and servicing of the Gremo forest machines in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, and Slovenia will be handled by Waldburg-Forstmaschinen (WFW). WFW has already been representing Eco Log in these countries for many years.

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