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Mercer Timber Products: Downtimes burden results

07.12.2018 − 

In the third quarter Mercer Timber Products (MTP) increased lumber sales by 13% to 83.8m bdft. Higher sales figures at the US softwood lumber market as a 9% increase to US$409/1,000 bdft in average sales prices meant that turnover generated by lumber in the wood products business division of Mercer International increased by 23% vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year to some US$34.3m.

Whereas sales figures and turnover increased in the period covered by the report, operating profit slid into the negative zone. For the third quarter an operating loss of US$-1.8m was recorded in the business division. The reason for this was extensive downtime in connection with the investment programme of almost €38m and described as phase II. In the period covered by the report, for example, various upgrades were made to the large chipping line, and an auto grader was installed at the planing mill. Lumber production in the third quarter, at 79.5m bdft, was thus 28% lower than last year. This also applies regarding energy production as well as accumulation of sawmilling residues. In the first nine months, turnover of wood products amounted to US$146.7m. Operating profit amounted to US$5.5m.

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