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Mellanskog raising industrial wood/softwood sawlog prices

19.04.2018 − 

In view of continuing heavy demand, Swedish Mellanskog has raised its list prices for industrial softwood and for softwood sawlogs with effect from the beginning of April. Depending on the region, the increases in prices for industrial-wood assortments span a range of 22-45 SEK/m³. This puts average prices at 315-330 SEK/m³. Prices for sawlog assortments are 35 SEK/m³ higher.

Mellanskog had initially only announced a delivery bonus for its 26,000 members on 1 February but left the list prices unchanged. As such, a bonus of 25 SEK/m³ and 20 SEK/m³ is payable for all new contracts for softwood sawlogs and industrial softwood concluded from this date. Södra had also raised its purchase prices for industrial softwood and hardwood as well as for pine sawlogs at the beginning of February.

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