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Koskisen revises plans for building new sawmill

02.11.2021 − 

The sawnwood, particleboard, and plywood manufacturer Koskisen is now not going to implement the sawmill investment project announced in 2020 next door to the plywood works in Järvelä after all. Instead, the works is to be built 4 km outside Järvelä at the facility currently used for further processing sawnwood.

The schedule and the investment costs now differ from the original plans as well. According to the release published by Koskisen on 6 October, the new sawmill is now due to be put into operation in summer 2023 instead of 2022. Instead of €30-40m, the cost of the investment is now given as €48m. The new production capacity is given as 400,000 m³ of sawn softwood, a little more than the existing sawmill’s annual capacity of 350,000 m³.

The original plans had provided for building the new sawmill in two stages. The first was to involve setting up a sawmill with an annual capacity 365,000 m³ of sawn softwood. An enlargement to 500,000 per year m³ was planned for the second stage.

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