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Koskisen planning to build new sawmill in Järvelä

09.07.2020 − 

Koskisen wants to build a new sawmill at its company headquarters in Järvelä. The company had announced the replacement investment on 29 June. The new sawmill, geared to cutting spruce and pine, will have an initial annual capacity of 365,000 m³ of sawnwood. The sawnwood output is to be increased to 500,000 m³ later on in a second phase of construction. The cost of the investment is given as 35-40m €. Construction work is scheduled to begin before the end of this year, followed by the planned start-up in 2022.

The new sawmill will be built alongside the plywood works and the existing processing facilities in Järvelä. The existing Järvelä sawmill is roughly 4 km away. Kokisen’s intention behind the relocation is to reduce logistics costs and utilise synergy effects.

In its business report 2019, Koskisen gives the total sawnwood output as 350,013 m³. The Järvelä sawmill accounts for 293,984 m³ (306,393 m³) of the total sawnwood output. As such, the new facility will have a capacity similar to that of the existing works. In addition, Koskisen also produces sawn softwood at a leased sawmill in Kissakoski, Finland. The output there is given as 43,843 m³ for 2019. At the Sheksna sawmill in Russia, Koskisen’s output remained unchanged at around 12,000 m³. Koskisen had also continued to operate a sawmill geared to birch sawnwood in Hirvensalmi, Finland, until July 2017. The Hirvensalmi sawmill had a capacity of approximately 20,000 m³ of sawnwood.

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