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Jartek to supply seven sorting lines for ULK sawmill

13.07.2020 − 

The northern Russian ULK group recently concluded a contract with Jartek Invest for supplying sawnwood sorting equipment for the industrial-scale sawmill planned for Karpogory. The contract for the works, which is designed for an annual output of 1m m³ sawn softwood, is located roughly 200 km southeast of the White Sea port city of Archangelsk, and trades under the name of Pinezhsky Forest Industry Complex, covers four sorting lines for freshly cut and three lines for kiln-dried sawn softwood. According to information from Jartek, this is the biggest order in the company’s history. The automation is being supplied by the subsidiary Jartek AI which was founded at the beginning of the year for automation segment. Owing to the size of the order, Jartek will be working with subcontractors for planning, producing, and setting up the machinery. The ULK group had put sorting systems from Jartek into service at the Pestovo facility in mid-2019.

The two “HewSaw SL200 2.2” and “HewSaw SL250 4.5” sawing lines supplied by Veisto Oy of Mäntyharju, Finland, can be run at feed speeds of up to 200 m/min. The HewSaw SL250 4.5 is the latest machine of the dx series developed by Veisto with five saw blades. The sawing line can cut roundwood with a top-end diameter of 80-380 mm, a maximum diameter of 500 mm, and a length of at least 3 m. The length of the woodchips arising as a co-product in the cutting process is 20-30 mm.

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