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James Jones extending log yard in Lockerbie

19.11.2020 − 

James Jones & Sons is currently extending the existing log yard of Lockerbie Mill 1 sawmill in Stevens Croft by four acres (equivalent to 1.6 ha). According to a press release issued by James Jones on 30 October, the extension increases the range of assortments as well as the flexibility in handling the roundwood stored at the facility. The £3m investment includes paving the log yard with concrete slabs and building a peripheral road around the site. David Hardie Engineering has been awarded the construction contract as general contractor.

Two chipper lines from the former Söderhamn Eriksson are installed at each of the Lockerbie Mill 1 and Lockerbie Mill 3 sawmills, geared to a combined annual production capacity of 240,000 m³ sawn softwood. A planing system supplied by Ledinek Engineering is in operation at Lockerbie Mill 2. Besides the Lockerbie sawmills, the “Sawn Timber” division also covers the Aboyne, Kirriemuir, and Mosstodloch facilities. The “Timber Systems” division’s I-joist works geared to an annual production capacity of 20m m is located in Forres. The pallet and packaging manufacturers Unit Pallets, TWP Packaging, and Larch belong to the “Pallets & Packaging” division. The forestry division “Harvesting, Co-products and Haulage” is responsible for supplying the James Jones sawmills with roundwood. The division sells 1m t of roundwood per year to the company’s own facilities as well as 350,000 t of roundwood to external customers. 450,000 t of sawmill residues are also sold to buyers in Scotland and northern England.

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