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Interfor grows strongly again in third quarter

17.01.2017 − 

The positive trend in results seen in the first quarter of 2016 at Canadian Interfor, when a slight plus of Can$0.8m was achieved, continued during the further course of the year. Following an operating result of Can$30.0m in the second quarter, the concern again achieved improvement in the third quarter, to Can$20.1m. The adjusted EBITDA increased more than five-fold to Can$58.1m and the net result also showed a sharp rise to Can$22.8m.

Interfor states that a decisive factor for the positive trend in results was a modified product mix in lumber production, which was reflected in an increase in average income of 16% to Can$580 /1,000 bdft. In addition, various smaller investment measures at several Interfor sawmills contributed to higher yield and productivity.

Lumber production in the concern's nine sawmills during the reporting period totalled 628m bdft, while deliveries reached 647m bdft, of which 627m bdft came from the concern's own mills. Turnover generated by lumber sales amounted to Can$374.8m, and a further sum of Can$82.8m was turned over with roundwood and sawmilling residues.

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