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Ilim Timber must reduce output in Wismar after fire

12.06.2020 − 

The fire at the sawmill of Ilim Nordic Timber belonging to Ilim Timber Europe in the night from 23 to 24 May 2020 is going to entail a shortfall in the sawmill’s output over the next few weeks. The fire had broken out in a switching station of the log year due to a technical fault. In a letter sent by Ilim Nordic Timber on 25 May, roundwood are informed that restrictions will arise in production over the next six to eight weeks. Ilim itself describes the damage as substantial. In an initial assessment, the police put the value of the damage at 50,000 €. Two chipping lines with an annual capacity of approximately 1.2m m³ of sawn softwood and made by Linck are operated at the sawmill.

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