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Iisveden orders sorting plant from Heinola and Hekotek

06.07.2018 − 

The Finnish sawmill company Iisveden Metsä has ordered a lumber sorting plant from Heinola Sawmill Machinery and its Estonian sister company Hekotek. The plant for the sorting of fresh coniferous lumber has an output of around 150,000 m³/year and is to be installed in autumn or early winter 2018. The sorting line will include features such as automated camera-based sorting equipment, equipment to allow for stepless cutting functions, a sorting conveyor of push-chain type will be installed to sort the materials into 20 vertical bins. The stick-stacking line is equipped with an additional hoist and an automated stick distribution system containing 12 stick cassettes, as well as a stick storage system located between the dry sorting line and the stick-stacking line. No information was provided on the order value.

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