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Holmen investing SEK70m in raising kiln capacity

09.11.2020 − 

Holmen is enlarging the annual kiln capacity of the Iggesund sawmilling facility from the present 400,000 m³ to 500,000 m³ of sawn softwood in future. According to a press release issued by Holmen on 23 October, a continuous dryer is being installed at a cost of SEK70m, replacing some of the existing kilns. The new plant will dry mainly side-cuts that are currently dried in existing kilns. The capacity freed up in these facilities is to be used for an additional drying process of carpentry products, says Johan Padel, CEO of the sawmilling division Holmen Timber.

The planned increase in storage capacity will enlarge the works’ premises by 10 ha to a total of 40 ha. The earthworks were commenced recently. Extension of the existing value-adding capacity is to be examined in the longer term, including the possibility of building a planing works.

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