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Higher rate of growth in prices in USA in November

12.12.2017 − 

The growth meanwhile noticeable in softwood lumber prices on the US market since the end of August gathered considerably more pace during the course of November, particularly in the case of 2x4 assortments. Average values established by Random Lengths on a weekly basis show that the price for the benchmark grade of SPF 2x4 #2&Btr rose by roughly 37 $/1,000 bdft from the end of October to mid-November. The 494 $/1,000 bdft recorded on 17 November was the highest figure for more than ten years and was also a good 60% higher than at the same last year.

The price for this assortment has meanwhile also broken away quite considerably from the Framing Lumber Composite Price (FLCP), which is also determined by Random Lengths. The 2x4 price had previously been at the most on par with but usually 30-40 $/1,000 bdft below the appropriate FLCP.

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