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Hasslacherles aiming to supply timber to UPM and Ikea

08.03.2019 − 

The woodworking companies Hasslacherles , UPM-Kymmene Chudovo and Ikea Industry located in Novgorod oblast in Russia jointly signed a letter of intent with the administration of the oblast on 25 February for securing their supply of timber. Under this agreement, the sawmilling company Hasslacherles, which belongs to Austria Hasslacher Norica Timber group, will lease forest areas in Novgorod oblast and use the softwood harvested in them to supply its sawmill.

The plan is to supply the hardwood felled in these forest areas to the other two companies. Here, UPM-Kymmene is to receive primarily higher-quality birch veneer wood for its Chudovo plywood works. Ikea Industry’s particleboard works at the location would receive industrial birch and poplar. The terms and conditions of the deliveries are still to specified in final supply contracts between the individual companies.

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