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Hasslacher wants to expand Malaya Vishera site

14.06.2018 − 

Austrian Hasslacher Group wants to expand the plant of its Russian subsidiary Hasslacher Les in Malaya Vishera/Oblast Novgorod by a glulam plant and significantly increase the capacity of the sawmill there. Christoph Kulterer, CEO of the Hasslacher Group, and Andreij Nikitin, Governor of the Russian region of Novgorod, signed a letter of intent in Vienna on June 5.

According to Kulterer, the capacity of the gluelam plant, which is geared towards overseas exports, is expected to be 50,000 m³/year. The cutting capacity of the sawmill in Malaya Vishera is to be doubled from currently 200,000 fm/year to 400,000 fm/year. The investment volume for both projects is stated at 1.5 billion roubles, the equivalent of around €20 m.

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