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Growth of 4.2% in Russian lumber output last year

06.02.2017 − 

According to information from the statistics authority Rosstat, the Russian sawmilling industry’s output in 2016 was 4.2% higher than the year before at 22.8m m³. The bulk of this was softwood lumber, which Rosstat does not record separately. The production volume also rose by 4.2% in December to around 2 m m³. In the preceding months, with the exception of January, the output had been higher than in the reference month of the previous year. The only month in which a reduction was registered was in January at -2.2%. Rosstat established the highest rates of growth for May (+7.5%) and August (+6.1%).

As Rosstat does not take the output of smaller-scale sawmills into account, the actual production volume is higher, however. According to ECE/FAO, the Russian output of softwood lumber alone in 2016 was an estimated 32.7m m³, equating to a minor increase of 1.7m m³.

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