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Growth of 13% in US hardwood lumber exports

26.02.2015 − 

US exports of hardwood lumber in 2014 as a whole were 13% higher than a year earlier at 3.901m m³. At +26% to $2.337bn, the value of the exports rose even more sharply than the volume. According to information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (FAS), almost all the wood species and sales regions contributed to this growth in volume and value. In terms of the different wood species, the most conspicuous increase in volume was registered in walnut at +31% to 176,609 m³ and the export value rose by 46%. Disproportionate growth was also registered in exports of ash, which were 21% higher than the year before at 390,396 m³ with a 36% increase in value. With the exception of maple assortments, for which a 2% reduction in volume was recorded to 227,573 m³ whilst the export value rose by 4%, all the other separately recorded species of wood increased both in volume and value. Exports of the most important species, red oak, for example, rose by 16% to 861,697 m³ (value: +34%) and exports of yellow poplar increased 14% to 774,853 m³ (+23%). White oak remained the third most important wood species in hardwood lumber exports from the USA at +12% to 618.803 m³ (+28 %).

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