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Growth in prices for softwood sawlogs in Estonia

18.03.2019 − 

Prices for softwood sawlogs in Estonia in January 2019 were higher than they had been in December 2018. In its monthly price statistics, the Estonian forest administration RMK of Tallinn established the highest growth in pine with a top-end diameter of less than 18 cm at 10.1 %. An increase of 6.5 % was registered in spruce. Prices for pine and spruce sawlogs (top-end diameter bigger than 18 cm) were each up by 2.2 %. Birch suitable for veneer fell by 11.0 % in price, failing to match the November level, too.

The growth registered in the price of industrial spruce (+9.0 %) and industrial birch (+5.8 %) in the preceding months continued unabated in January whereas the price of industrial pine fell by 3.2 %.

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