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German imports of lumber increased by 9%

04.12.2015 − 

Imports of softwood lumber increased by 9% in the third quarter vis à vis last year’s comparative quarter to 1.007m m³. Imports from the most important east European countries increased by 15% to 475,701m³ and to a proportion of 47%. The most significant increases were recorded for Estonia (+126%), Latvia (+44%) and Belarus (+26%). Imports from Scandinavia increased by 11% to 339,974m³ (307,336m³), and to a proportion of 34%. Accumulated over the first nine months, at 2.777m m³, imports remained virtually unchanged vis à vis the comparative period last year. Imports from east Europe increased by 3% to 1.266m m³ and a proportion of 46%. A decline in deliveries from Russia and Poland (-3% respectively) as well as Lithuania could be compensated by increased imports from, for example, Belarus (+24%) and Ukraine (+12%). Imports from Scandinavia increased at a slightly more significant rate by 6% to 937,785m³, representing a proportion of 34% of total imports.

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