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Further growth in roundwood prices in Finland recently

25.01.2021 − 

The growth noticeable in softwood sawlog prices in Finland since July continued in November as well. Survey performed by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) show that the average on-stump price for pine sawlogs was 2 % higher than in October at €56.23/m³, reaching the highest level since August 2019. The average price for spruce sawlogs rose by 1.8 % to €60.56/m³ as well, amounting to an increase of 6.1 % against a year earlier. At 0.9 % and 3.5 % to €43.75 €/m³, the price for birch sawlogs went up too. Higher prices were also recorded for the industrial roundwood assortments. As such, industrial pine rose 0.5 % above the October level and 7.1 % above a year earlier to €17.60/m³. In the case of industrial spruce and birch, the rates of growth were 2.4 % and 3.1 %, respectively, at €20.20/m³ and €17.12/m³ against the previous month and 9.5 % and 7.7 % against November 2019.

The changes in roundwood prices ex forest road turned out to be significantly less pronounced for softwood sawlogs. Here, prices even decreased for birch sawlogs and the whole range of industrial roundwood assortments. The average price of pine sawlogs, for example, was 0.8 % and 0.3 % lower, respectively, than in the previous month and year at €58.85/m³ and 2.6 % and 2.3 % lower, respectively, for spruce at €62.59/m³. At €48.61/m³, the ex-forest price for birch sawlogs fell by 4.7 % and 1.5 %, respectively. Luke established an average price of €31.88/m³ for industrial pine, 0.3 % less than in October and 1.4 % less than in the same month of a year earlier. Industrial birch fell by 0.6 % and 0.7 % in price to €32.03/m³. Industrial spruce was 2.3 % and 2.9 % down, respectively, at €32.58/m³.

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