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Further decline in Chilean sawnwood exports

16.10.2020 − 

In the second quarter, Chilean exports of rough-sawn radiata pine lumber decreased by one-fourth vis à vis the preceding year to 502,900m³. In the first quarter, 12% less radiata pine lumber had been exported. According to Instituto Forestal (Infor) deliveries to China dropped by 45% to 103,172m³ and, as a proportion of total exports, by seven percentage points to 21%. Declines were also recorded in exports to South Korea (-26% to 89,082m³), Vietnam (-19% to 49,707m³) and Saudi Arabia (-29% to 38,388m³).

In terms of months, exports in January increased by 14% vis à vis the comparative month of the previous year to 246,962m³. In each of the following five months, the volumes exported fell short of the respective 2019 figures. A decline in February, of 27% to 170,036m³, was followed in March by another, of 14% to 204,442m³. Decreases in exports were also recorded in April (-44% to 119,043m³), May (-11% to 213,553m³) and June (-33% to 122,167m³).

Accumulated over the first six months, exports fell by one-fifth to 1.076m m³. Of this figure, a volume of 251,262m³ was sold to customers in China - a decline of 11% compared to the preceding year. Deliveries to South Korea (-28% to 186,250m³), Vietnam (-14% to 139,232m³), Saudi Arabia (-29% to 38,388m³) and Japan (-40% to 87,173m³) also decreased. Increases, by contrast, were recorded in exports to countries such as Mexico (+15% to 79,410m³) and Costa Rica (+54% to 49,226m³).

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