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Finnish lumber exports plummet by a quarter

22.06.2020 − 

Finnish exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber decreased by 24% to 1.784m m³ in the first quarter, compared to the previous year. Categorised in terms of months, exports in January fell by 15%, to 657,912m³. In February, the most significant decline of 40% to 463,013m³ was recorded. In March, at 662,846m³, the volume was one fifth down on the preceding year’s figure.

The decline in exports was thus similar to the decline in production (-23%) recorded for the first quarter by the Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF). This was mainly due to the strikes in the Finnish sawmill industry. According to figures published by the Finnish customs authority exports in European countries decreased by 26% to 682,616m³ and by one percentage point to 38% of total exports.

Decreases in exports to North Africa were also unusually high in the first quarter (-40% to 370,612m³). Exports to East Asia declined by a fifth to just under 500,000m³. By contrast, deliveries to customers in the Near and Middle East increased (+13% to 209,530m³).

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